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Golf & Country Club of Bonmont where I offer tennis lessons


Article La Côte, Swiss daily newspaper on our champion team LigA +35 years

ViàOccitanie, regional TV broadcasting the Open Sud de France live

Our international solidarity challenge on Norfolk Island, Australia (3rd article on the right)

Our solidarity tennis-padel neighbour challenge shared on the Open Sud de France

Our Tennis-Padel Neighbour challenge on Claap which shares the best of Montpellier

Coach and supplier of his clothes for its videos TENNIS & NADAL VS Remi Gaillard

La Danse Source, Dance lessons and workshops by the goddess, Iman Joussot

Le Refuge de Florimond: Excellent local mountain restaurant in Gex, Ain

Multidisciplinary agency, specialized in image

The Registry of Padel Professionals /

Funky Padel Club, Madrid area. Training with Alcides Valdez, Padel Coach - (video)
Ross Padel -

Padel Club and Newspaper of Salamanca, Spain (Photo upper right)

Olympique Club of Dakar, sport & wellness in Sénégal: tennis, padel, fitness...

Padel Club Ngaparou, Thiès, Sénégal - (videos below) - -

La Palmeraie Sporting & Padel Club, Saly, Sénégal -

Padel Senegal Sports & Family Club -

San Jose Obrero School, Sevilla, Spain

Norfolk Island Central School, Australia /

Minischool, Norfolk Island, Australia /

The Norfolk ISLANDER Each Saturday, Tennis news... (article on your right)

The Norfolk Island online news Each friday, online news (photo on your right and last article below)

Weekly Newspaper La Gazette (camps adds below)
La Gazette de Montpellier 2015 /

Daily newspaper France Antilles (articles below)
Article Beach Tennis Camp /

Daily newspaper Midi Libre (articles below)
Articles et camps adds /

Daily newspaper Montpellier + (articles on my experience on your right) (International Tennis Federation) (French Tennis Federation)