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TV CONSULTANT ViàOccitanie for the Open Sud de France 2021 & 2022, ATP tournament (extract semi final 2022 Zverev VS Ymer) (extract Andy Murray VS Egor Gerasimov)

FRENCH TV REPORTS ABOUT MY SOLIDARITY COMMITMENTS (Télématin 17/12/2020) (France 3: 23 & 24 October 2020) (our report just after the 1st minute)

20minutes:"A Tennis Coach offers free tennis lessons to people with disabilities"
"Confined, a tennis coach and his neighbor play over the wall of their terraces"

French Tennis Federation newspaper publishes our solidarity challenges (no 527, Décembre 2020, page 20) (no 522, Juin 2020, p 6)

Canal+ - C8 TV Touche Pas à mon poste TOP 5 of funny videos 14th april (direct link of our extract)

La gazette de Montpellier, "A Montpellier citizen takes up Roger Federer’s challenge"
They invent tennis neighbour, special Covid-19

Midi Libre, article about my free tennis lessons to people with disabilities (photo below)
extreme tennis in confinment style and in support of caregivers",8831741.php

Erasmus+/CRIJ Occitanie International Mobility Day. 30th May 2018, Montpellier

TV Report, Spain, 13 May 2018. Colegio San Jose Obrero, Seville. Erasmus+ (from 10th to 22nd minute. Quick aparition at 17mn55sec)

Article ABC Espana du 26 avril 2018. Colegio San Jose Obrero, Sevilla. Erasmus+ (photos 4 and 19)

La Gaceta de Salamanca, Espana, for my prize at the Padel Home Tournament (photo no 18 and on the centre right)

The Norfolk Islander, March 2014 and each saturday.
Beach Tennis For Foundation / World Tennis Day /

Tennis Article. Issue 61 of the ITF Coaching Sport & Science Review, December 2013 (page 26)

On the Norfolk Radio. 89.9FM. Below, listen to my interview


Tennis Article, French Tennis Federation. Emag 84, July 2013, page 10.

French West Indies TV News 24th January 2011 and French TV in 2008 and 2009
Beach Tennis TV Reports / 79 Top International Beach Tennis Player in 2009
Winner of the 2011 International Beach Tennis Tournament of Saint Martin

Beach Tennis Article. ITF Coaching Sport & Science Review no 47, april 2009 (page 20)

Beach Tennis Article, French Tennis Federation. Letter 54, sept 2008. (page 4)

International Newspapers}: France Antilles, Midi Libre, La Gazette, Castelnau Mag... (African Newspaper article Link)

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